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Play as a trickster demon, out for revenge against the gods. You are physically weak, and rely on your ability to shift your soul into other creatures. Exploit their abilities to solve puzzles, crush those who oppose you, and invoke in-fighting amongst their ranks. 

A 2.5 action platformer for PC, built in Unity.

Shown at Level Up Showcase in Toronto and EGLX. Developed over the course of 7 months, with a group of 7.

What people have said

"A puzzle platformer with a twist, as the way forward is found within your enemies! A unique concept that felt fun to play, and fun to puzzle out. Creating an interesting game demo and having it be fun within moments of grabbing a controller, especially during a busy event is hard but Godsend proved to be up to the task. I took no hints from the developer leading my demo (shoutout to Coley!) and so I had a real sense of accomplishment finding all the shrines, though my time could have used some work. I fell an embarassing amount."

Colin Cummings, Third Person


GODSEND gold master.zip 206 MB
GODSEND.app.zip 251 MB

Install instructions

Zip file contains executable and data folder.

Extract and play! 


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Overall, not bad. The possession mechanic worked nicely and the different music for each was a really nice touch. But the introduction of new possessions and how their abilities work for you would have saved a bit of confusion and the level design seemed a little bit scattered in the second stage, as if you were just meant to wander instead of more interesting bits drawing you in the correct direction. I did really like the level artwork and abilities though! Nice work!

Stuck at animated loading screen on WinXP. If it will be fixed, please support 32bit! :P